About us

Bombay Butler has been founded by our master Chef Mr Birinder. After getting education in the culinary & hospitality industry, he started his career in 1980 with a major brand in 5-Star hotel chains in India. During the next decade he honed his skills in Indian fine food and dining. He became and expert in Indian cuisine, creating quite a few unique dishes along the way. In 1996, he relocated to New Zealand serving as head Chef in several A-grade hotels & restaurants.

Bombay Butler was formed to provide our dear customers a great tasting & authentic Indian food using only the best quality ingredients. It is no wonder then that you are greeted with our signature dishes that melt in your mouth, such as Butter Chicken, Balti Goat, Vegetable Jaipuri and several more.

Our Longhurst location has alcohol serving license, so indulge in double luxury. Our experienced staff will pair the best wines with your food choices that will leave a satisfying taste in your mouth.

We look forward to welcome you in our restaurants.


We welcome you to enjoy the best and authentically tasting Indian food in our restaurants. We are open till late, so you can choose your time of arrival per your convenience. Both our locations offer a great ambiance, best services and food cooked to your liking and instructions.

Take away

When you are in a rush, or would like to eat great meals later, we can always pack the food for your take away orders. Our packing materials are great and have been designed to keep the taste and temperature of the dishes fresh.


Our Longhurst location is fully licensed for alcohol, or you can BYO. We are happy to serve you the best paired drinks with our food. Ask our knowledgeable staff & Chef for more details.

Party & Catering

We are happy to host your parties. We can fully customise the meals served in your party to be multi-course according to your fine instructions. Our Longhurst location can accommodate 70+ guests, while Christchurch location can accommodate 20+ guests.

Bombay Butler Specials

Butler's Venison

Mouth watering hundi style dish with Indian whole spices and herbs (medium - hot)

Balti Goat

Slow cooked goat with Chef's secret spices - Indian favourite (medium - hot)

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